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Home Art Contest

Home contest is Art’s main part on every UniCon event. This time the theme is “Moodboard”. A moodboard is a type of visual presentation or a collage consisting of images, text, samples of objects in a composition. You can use as already existed templates as make your one for creating a moodboard. But everything should be drawn by your own. Digital art, paints, line art or even mixed together, you are free to draw in any way and style you want and feel. Also, don't forget - 2020 is known for cyberpunk aesthetics, neon colors and dystopian motifs. At least 1 trend from the above should be part of your work.
Works will be judged based on the quality of the drawing, originality and composition. The finished work, signed with your name and contact information, must be brought to “UniCon Cafe” (Aleksandra Čaka iela 58, Riga) till 04.10.2020.


Arts Contests During UniCon 2020

Contests content and availability may change due to COVID-19 regulation!

Con goers will be able to participate in well-known contests such as the “Cosplay Portrait Contest” and “One-hour Thematic Contest”, but this year we have 2 new contests to test your artistic and creative skills! This year we are adding the “Custom Cup Contest” and “K-pop Drawing Contest”! All contests, except the home contest, will take place during the event and the winners will be awarded with a diploma and prizes during the Awards Ceremony at the end of the 2nd day. Other, smaller contests will be held during the event. 


Cosplay portrait contest


During event participants will have 30 minutes to draw a portrait of the chosen cosplayer (chosen by UniCon’s art staff). The goal is to emphasize the details of the character without losing the cosplayers natural features. Works will be judged based on the accuracy of the drawing compared to the cosplayer and how complete it is. 


One hour thematic contest

During event participants have 1 hour to create a drawing based on the given theme, which will be revealed at the start of the contest. Works will be judged based on how well they fit the theme and how complete they are. 

K-pop drawing contest


During event participants have 1 hour to draw their favourite k-pop group or idol. Works will be judged by how well the drawing matches the group/idol and how complete it is.