Exhibit at GeekFest


 1. Download

And read the Rules for Participation and Contract-Application 


2. Fill in

The on-line application form with your stand and company details. 


3. Contact

us via email for confirmation and finalization of registration procedure.   

Exhibitor inquiry

GeekFest is a Comic Con type event which gathers thousands of dedicated fans to celebrate their hobbies. By becoming an exhibitor you will not only be able to successfully sell your products, but also establish a closer connection with the target audience and present your brand interactively. 

Only during GeekFest on 5 March special offer stands:

- One table stand for fixed price 200 Eur;

- 250 Eur fixed price for any stand up to 60 sq.m.

Price includes:

  • Tables (220x70x78 cm);

  • Entrance passes;

  • Electricity. 


Additional equipment imply additional costs from the venue administration in accordance to their price list.  

Space price is without VAT. VAT will NOT be applied for the final sum.

Online registration form.