Guilty Gear -Strive-


Date: 21st of August
Registration: On spot from 11:00 till 13:00

Max Players: 32, first come, first served
Console: PS4

Participation fee: Legit UniCon 2021 ticket
Prize pool: 200€

Prize pool distribution:
1st place - 100€
2nd place - 60€
3rd place - 40€ 

General rules:

  • Double Elimination brackets.

  • 3 rounds per game, Best of Three.

  • All sets other than the Winners Finals, Losers Finals and Grand Finals will be First to 2 wins (Best 2 out of 3).

  • The Finals will be First to 3 Wins (Best 3 out of 5) each.

  • Switching characters is allowed only after you lose a match. Winner is locked with the characters they chose.

  •  If you pick Random Select, win a match and the loser wants to switch characters, then you are required to choose Random Select again.

  • Please bring your PS4-compatible controller.

  • Players can change the button configuration before their match.

  • Notify when you are going for a button check so there is no confusion. Button checks MUST be performed before the match starts and is the responsibility of the player.

  •  ALL players will now be required to make sure all of the Dualshock 4 controllers are properly disconnected from the console setup after their match to minimise accidental interruption of matches on other PS4 setups. This applies to not just Dualshock 4 players, but also arcade stick and 3rd-party controller users. Video tutorial here. Alternatively, check with one of the organisers if there are any issues.

  • Players with offensive nicknames are not allowed to participate in tournament.

  • UniCon administration reserve the right to disqualify a player based on their behavior at their sole discretion if something noteworthy or unsportsmanship is brought to their attention.