Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Date: 22th of August

Registration: On spot from 11:00 till 13:00

Max Players: 16, first come, first served
Console: Switch

Participation fee: Legit UniCon 2021 ticket
Prize pool: 200€

Prize pool distribution:
1st place - 100€
2nd place - 60€
3rd place - 40€ 

Game Settings:

  • 3 stocks, 7 minutes

Allowed stages:

  • Battlefield (regular or small);

  • Final Detestation; 

  • Pokemon Stadium 2;

  • Smashville;

  • Town and City;

  • Yoshi's Story.

Additional info:

  • Whoever picked the stage decides the music;

  • Stages can be used in normal or battlefield versions unless agreed differently with another player;

  • All controllers are allowed, but macro and turbo are banned to be used;

  • Mii Fighters: all movement combinations are legal;

  • Amiibos are banned.

 Additional game rules:

  • Smash Meter - off

  • Spiritis - off

  • Damage Handicap - off

  • Stage Selection - anyone

  • Items - off and none

  • Stage Morph - off

  • Team Attack - on

  • Launch Rate - 1.0x

  • Underdog Boost - off

  • Pausing - off

  • Score Display - off

  • %Show Damage - yes

  • Echo Fighters - separate

  • Radar - medium or big

Stage & Character selection:

  1. A starting player is determined by 1 game of rock paper scissors. The winner chooses the stage at the next point.

  2. The loser of the previous match (or the winner of point 1) picks the stage
    to play on;

  3. The winner of the previous match can decide to change the character
    and have to say so, can pick the character or keep his character;

  4. The loser of the previous match can now change his character too.
    The winner cannot change his character to answer the loser character pick;

  5. If more matches are needed to be played, start over fro 2.

Other rules:

  • If both players die at the very same time and go to the games sudden death, a 1 stock, 2 minutes match will be played on the same stage the players just played on. In case of a self-destruct move, the result screen will determine who the winner is. In case the tier runs out, whoever has the most stocks left wins. If both players have the same amount of stocks, whoever has the least percentage when the tie hits 0 wins;

  • It is both players' responsibility to report the score to the Tournament Organizers once they finish their set;

  • When you, are called to play it is each player's responsibility to connect the controllers, and it is each player's responsibility to unplug it. Wireless controllers left connected and drifting or disturbing the beginning of the game or the game itself, can be punished;

  • This also includes that leaving controllers in front of a setup used for tournaments means that you will not be able to retrieve the controller if other people are playing a tournament match. This, and other forms of disturbance against players playing a game, are punishable;

  • For any issue, report it to the Tournament Organizers, who will judge the situation at hand;

  • We always try to have monitors with speakers. If someone wants to plug in
    headphones they need to have the consent of the opponent or a pair of
    headphones for the opponent as well, and if it is needed, an audio splitter;

  • Any damage to the equipment will need to be reimbursed;

  • Of course, any illegal activity, harassment, racism, sexism or act of discrimination can result in punishments.

  • UniCon administration reserve the right to disqualify a player based on their behavior at their sole discretion if something noteworthy or unsportsmanship is brought to their attention.